Yam Recipe- Making Kerala Style Yam Curry

Chena Koottu is a South Indian style yam recipe prepared in Kerala, using yam, ginger, greenchillies, coconut, lemon and toor-daal. 

The word koottu means gravy. So, to prepare yam recipe, we will be boiling yam in water. 

Chena Koottu is a very easy to make recipe. It is a recipe that has the starchy taste of yam, spicy taste of green chilies, sweet taste of coconut and sourness of lemon. The kootu gets its thickness from boiling yam and added toor-daal. All you need to do is boil the yam in water and add the ingredients. 

Below, I will be presenting how to make the recipe.

Yam Recipe - Preparation Method 

Part 1-Cooking Yam

1. Dice 350gm of yam into small pieces.

diced yam

2.a) Add 1 scoop of toor-daal into a pressure cooker.Below I have shown the daal quantity I have taken

1 scoop of daal
daal in cooker

2.b)  Wash it and let it cook for 10 whistles.

Daal in Cooker

3. Heat oil in a frying pan. Coconut Oil has been used here. 

4. As the oil is getting heated cut the green chillies and ginger finely. For this recipe, I have used 8 greenchilies. This was moderately spicy to my standards. For a safe bet, you can use 5 green chillies if you don’t want it very spicy.

greenchilly and ginger
greenchilly diced

5. Add the mix into the oil. Add 3-4 karipatha leaves and let it fry for some time.

greenchilly fried

6. As the mix is fried, add 2 cups of water along with ½ tbsp hinge.

Add hinge

7. To this add the yam, turmeric and salt. I had washed the yam before adding to the mix.

8. Close the lid and let the yam boil for 15 minutes

Close Lid

9. In the mean time, grate ½ scoop of coconuts and keep it aside.

grated coconuts

10. Open the lid and check how much the yam has been cooked by poking it with a knife or pressing the yam with your fingers.The yam should be soft enough as you squeeze it with your fingers. If not cook it for some time.

cooked yam

11. By this time, the toor daal would have  been cooked. Add 3-4 spoons of toor daal into the mix and stir it well. 

Add Daal to Mix

12. As you stir it, the mix should have semi solid consistency. You should feel the softness of the yam.

Boil the mix

13. Add the grated coconuts(4-5 tbsp) evenly over the mix. Stir it well.

Add Coconut to Mix

14. Add ½ glass of water and let it boil for 2 minutes. Give occasional stirring.

Add Corriender leaves

15. Add coriander leaves to the mix and squeeze lime over the top. Switch off the flame.

Squeeze Lime

Part 2- Tempering Yam Recipe

The final step, is tempering the mix. For this you would need Channa Daal,  Urad Daal, Mustard seeds and Red Chilies

16. Heat oil in the pan. To this add mustard seeds, urad daal, Channa Daal and red chillies.

Note:You can avoid channa daal if you want. It is added to enhance the crunchy taste.

17. Roast the tempering mix to golden brown consistency, and add ¼ tbsp. of hinge on to it.

18. Add the tempering mix on top of the yam curry.

19.Serve it hot. Yam curry is ready to be served 


• This yam recipe serves at least 3 people. For this recipe 350gm of yam has been used. 

• The yam which I bought from market was one that would cook easily. So, while buying ask for yams that cooks fast. 

• Normally, yams can cause itchy sensation if not washed properly. So, make sure, you wash the yam well, after dicing it.

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