Vegetable Cutlet Recipe with Mixed Vegetables


Vegetable cutlet – A recipe of mashed vegetables, coated with breadcrumbs and roasted on a frying pan” 

In the last week of Diwali, I learnt a new way to put to use some leftover bread. Now, if you have some left over bread that has lost its softness, here is a way to put them to good use by making vegetable cutlet. 

A Cutlet is a fried or baked snack, wherein you will have a first prepare a patty or a base made from mashed vegetables (or meat), coat it with crunchy exterior and fry them. 

“What is special in this vegetable cutlet recipe?”

• The first special thing about this recipe is that, this has been made by my aunt in her home during the Diwali. So that means, it’s a recipe I got for free without sweating a lot over making the ingredients. All I had to do was take the pictures, and gobble the cutlets from my plate. 

• The next thing about this recipe is that it makes use of both taste as well nutrition in it. Usually, the patties are made using potatoes. But in this recipe, we will be adding sprouts, carrots, corn along with potatoes. 

• You would also require some left over bread, or rusk pieces. You would also require a mixer to powder the bread to crumbs. 

• This recipe takes about 15-20 min of preparation time, and another 20 minutes for frying the patty. So, this is going to be one that will eat a considerable bit of your time. But, it is also a recipe that is really fun to prepare. If you have guests around you, or kids, this is a recipe you should try making.

With that said, let me now share you the steps and ingredients. Let us get started. 

Ingredients List

This list serves for 4-5 people.  

For Patty

• Sprouted Moong Dal  - 1 cup (300 gm)  

• Potatoes – 2 (medium sized) 

• Carrots – 1 

• Baby Corn – 1 cup (100gm)

• Green Chilly – 4 

• Coriander Leaves – 5-10 

For Masalas

• Coriander powder – 1 tbsp 

• Red Chilly powder – 1tbsp 

• Garam Masala – 1tbsp 

• Chat Masala – 1tbsp 

• Salt – 1tbsp 

Vegetable Cutlet- Preparation Steps 

Part 1 – Prepare the Patty 

1. Soak the moong dal overnight in water. Chop 2 potatoes, 1 carrot and keep aside. Also soak 1 cup of baby corn in water. 

2. Cook the carrots, moongdal and potatoes in a pressure cooker for 8-10 cooker whistles. At the same time, boil the corn separately in a vessel. Keep it aside when the corn has absorbed the water and have become juicy.


To get a very good patty, the vegetables need to be mashed properly. At the same time, they shouldn’t become too much wet. 

So, take care not to add too much water or else you might need to filter out excess water.

3.Boil the corn separately in a vessel. Keep it aside when the corn has absorbed the water and have become juicy.In a dry mixer, add the coriander leaves and 3-4 green chilies and make a paste of it. Keep it aside when done. 


No need to add water into this mix. 

In case you don’t have a mixer, you can chop the green chilies and coriander leaves very finely.

4. Add all the cooked ingredients into a vessel. Using a masher or your fingers mash the ingredients into fine paste. Add the chopped coriander and green chilly mix at last. 

5. Add 1 tbsp of coriander powder, 1 tbsp of red chilly powder, 1 tbsp of salt, ½ tbsp of garam masala, ½ tbsp of chat masala into the mix. Mix it well, until all the masala's are evenly coated on the mix. 

Part II – Frying the Patty

6. Take about 5-6 leftover bread pieces and shred them into small pieces. Now, put them into a dry mixer and powder them well. 

7. Using your hands make small balls out of the patty that we have prepared. 

8. Heat oil in a frying pan. As the oil gets heated, dip the patty into the breadcrumbs powder and place it in the pan. Fry the patties in a medium flame. 

9. After 5 minutes turn the patties over to the other side. Fry them until they outer coating becomes golden brown. 


This process took about 15-20 minutes to fry properly. 

Since we are not deep frying the patties, only the outer part is going to get fried. The insides are going to be soft. So while you turn the patties over make sure you do it gently. 

This is also one of the reasons why we must use very little water while making our patties.

10. Once the outsides are fried very well, shift the vegetable cutlet onto a plate. Add in a tomato ketchup or green chutney and enjoy this beautiful snack with your loved ones.

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