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"Tomato Pasta Recipe- Pasta mixed in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, garlic and oregano&chilly flakes"

During my student days, tomato pasta recipe, was one of my favourite recipes I liked to have for breakfast. The main reason why I liked them was that, they were very cheap.In those days, some provisions were always bought to save grocery bills; and pastas never disappointed with that.

The other reason I liked pastas were that, they were easy to cook. All I had to do was to, boil the pastas, pour in some ready-made pasta sauce and grate some cheese. Lo and behold pasta was ready! 

In today’s recipe, I am going to teach you how to make the same tomato pasta; but this time without the ready made pasta sauce. 

There are 2 reasons why I suggest not using the ready-made sauce. The first one is that, making ready-made sauce is really cost effective and easy. You may have to buy some extra tomatoes and garlic. But that is much cheaper than buying a bottle of ready-made sauce.

The second reason being that, you can make your own sauce as per your own taste that is much healthier and tastier compared to the ready-made counterpart.

Let me then, start of with the list of ingredients for this dish. Let’s get started!!


For making this sauce, we would require a bottle of oregano and chilly flakes. 

Ingredients List  ( Serves: 3-4) 

For Cooking

• Pasta - 1 cup (500 ml) 

• Butter - 1/2 slice 

• Tomatoes - 3 

• Onions - 1 

• Garlic - 6-7 

• Chopped Celery/Coriander Leaves - 8-10 

• Salt – 1 tbsp 

Powder Mix

• Oregano and Chilly Flakes Mix - 4-5 tbsp

• Pepper Powder - 1 tbsp

Tomato pasta recipe – Preparation Step

Part I – Boil the pasta

1. Buy a packet of wheat pasta from the shop. I prefer wheat pasta, as they are easy to digest. Take 1 cup of pasta in a bowl.


2. Boil water in a vessel or saucepan. As the water boils, add 1tbsp of salt and 2-3 slices of butter into it. To this add the pasta. Let it boil for 10 min.



In Italian cuisines, olive oil is used instead of butter. So, if you can get olive oil use it instead of butter.

3. Check if the pastas have boiled. Use a knife to poke it or try eating it. If it is soft enough to chew it is ready. Drain the excess water and keep the pastas aside.

Part II – Prepare the sauce 

4. To prepare the sauce, we need 1 onion, 6-7 garlic, 3 tomatoes.

5. First thing to do, is to remove the skin of the tomato. For this make an X at the bottom of the tomatoes and remove the eye.


6. Boil water in a vessel. As the water gets boiled, place the tomatoes in it for 30seconds. Now place the tomatoes in cold water for 30seconds. Use your fingers to remove the skin easily.



Step 5 and 6 is done, to make the dish in an authentic Italian style.This is an optional step.

7. Dice, the onions, garlic and peeled tomatoes into small pieces.


8. In a frying pan, heat some butter/olive oil. In a low flame, add chopped garlic first. I love this step, because the aroma is really priceless.


9. Add 1-2 tbsp of oregano and chilli flakes into the mix and stir it well. To this add onions. Add ½ tbsp. of salt and stir it well. Just fry till the onions get cooked. It doesn't need to be fried to golden brown. 



You needn’t fry the onions to golden brown, as we do in the Indian cuisine. Just fry it till they are cooked. 

10. Add the chopped tomatoes, and stir the mix well. Add 1-2 tbsp of oregano and chili flakes. Close the lid of the pan.

11. Check if the tomatoes have cooked. Now add 1-2 tbsp of hot and sweet ketchup on to the mix. And stir well.


12. Add 1 tbsp. of pepper powder into the mix. Add the cooked pasta and mix well till the pasta's have been coated with the tomato sauce. Add 1 small piece of butter on top of the mix.


13. Turn off the flame and garnish the pasta with basil leaves. I have used coriander leaves instead. Sprinkle chili flakes on top, if you would like.


14. Grab a fork and drill into the dish. Your simple tomato pasta recipe is ready.


Tomato Pasta Recipe Tips

Ready made sauce, once opened wont last for 2 weeks. Buy a mix of oregano and red chilli flakes instead. You can make pasta with it for more than 4-5 times a month.

If you want, you can grate some cheddar cheese on top of the pasta. I personally, love this.

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