Tomato Gravy| Easy Tomato Curry for breakfast


Tomato gravy is a semi gravy dish made by using tomatoes, greenchilli and onions. It is a very easy breakfast recipe that goes well with puri, roti or bread toast. 

For this recipe, we would be adding chili powder and garam masala powder as the major ingredients. So,those of you, who love spicy recipes will love this gravy. 

The other thing you will love about this recipe is that it takes only 15 minutes to cook this gravy. All it takes is, a few tomatoes and onions and 15 minutes to make this tasty gravy. Not a bad deal at all, when it comes to learning cooking and saving your money otherwise spend on buying outside food. 

PS: This recipe was given to me by my college mate. I started cooking with her recipe, and today I am glad I am sharing the same recipe with everyone. So, a special thanks to her too.  

Ready then?? Let us get started..... 

Tomato gravy – Preparation Steps

1. For this recipe, we will use 3 big tomatoes. (If you are using small ones take 4). Dice the 1 onion and 3 tomatoes. Slit 2 greenchillies and keep them aside. 


2. In a pan, heat oil. Add ½ tbsp. of cumin seeds. Keep a medium flame, and mix until the cumin seeds slowly start turning to a golden brown color.


3. Add the diced onions into the mix and heat it in medium flame. Add ½ tbsp. of salt and 1/4 tbsp of turmeric powder to the mix. Slit 3 green chilies and add it to this mix. 



 Adding salt, helps the onions to lose water content fast and therefore turn brown.

4. As the onions turn brown, add ½ tbsp. of garam masala powder into the mix. Stir it well. 


5. Add the chopped tomato into the dish and mix it well. Close the lid of the pan and let it cook for 5-6 minutes.


6. Open the lid of the pan, and let the tomatoes cook for 5 minutes. You can keep the flame to high to cook it faster. Give an occassional stirring. 


7. Once, the tomatoes are cooked, add in 2 tbsp of tomato ketchup into the mix. The ketchup along with the garam masala will give a nice punch to this dish. 


8. Garnish the dish with some freshly chopped coriander leaves. Have this recipe, with bread toast or roti.


Tomato Curry - Tip

If you feel, that your recipe has become very spicy, add 2tbsp of tomato ketchup into the mix. Adding ketchup gives a nice red color and taste to this dish. 

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