Tomato gravy-Tomato and Sambar Powder Gravy


Tomato gravy is a thick gravy recipe prepared with tomatoes and sambar powder. This recipe doesn’t use any onions. You would just need 4 big tomatoes and 2-3 green chilies. The recipe I am going to make today,  is a Tamil Nadu style recipe which will not take more than 15 minutes to cook.  

Whenever my mom could never think of anything else to keep for lunch while sending me to school, she would make this recipe. She would ask me to manage with it for that day and promise me that she would make something better the next day.  

Neverthless, I really loved this recipe. It had what I always wanted. Something that was spicy, tasty and easy to eat along with rotis. I liked it, when the gravy was thick and not too watery. So, that is how I am also going to prepare this recipe for you today. 

Let us get started.... 

Tomato gravy – Preparation Steps

1. Dice 5 tomatoes, 2 green chilies into very small pieces.


2. In a pan, heat oil. Add ½ tbsp. of mustard seeds. As the mustard seeds splutters, add the diced green chilies and ginger


3. As the tempering mix turns golden brown add the chopped tomatoes into the pan. Dice the tomatoes into medium pieces as shown. 


4. Stir the chopped tomatoes in the pan . Add ¼ tbsp turmeric powder, 1 tbsp. of salt and 1-2 tbsp of sambar powder.



You can use any readymade sambar powder for this recipe.

5. Mix the dish well. Add 2-3 glass of water and let the tomatoes cook in the gravy for 10 minutes.

6. Once the tomatoes are cooked, add ¼ tbsp. of asafetida or hinge. Mix it well.


7. Chop coriander leaves and garnish on top of it.Your tomato and sambar powder gravy recipe is ready to be served. 


Tomato Sambargravy - Notes

This is an apt recipe to have, if you want to cook only for yourself. 

Also an easy dinner alternative, when you don’t have lot of groceries in your fridge. 

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