Tomato Chutney Recipe without Onions


Tomato Chutney Recipe – A spicy and tangy paste of tomatoes, red chilies and lentils tempered with mustard seeds”

Chutney recipe usually refers to a thick paste made by grinding a few ingredients together. The usual ingredients used are grated coconuts, green chilies, red chilies, onions and tomatoes.

Usually chutney recipes are spicy. It is one of the best side dishes you can have along with breakfast items like dosa and idli. 

This doesn’t mean that all chutneys are spicy. You can make a chutney using fruits as well;  like this famous sweet mango chutney.

Tomato Chutney Recipe that we will make today, is a spicy chutney recipe, in which we will be adding tomatoes, chilies, and lentils. This chutney also known as kara chutney is a south indian style chutney. The word kara means spicy. 

“So, what is special in this tomato chutney recipe?”

• For making this chutney one of the main ingredient we would require apart from tomatoes would be red chilies, urad daal and chana dal. You can also add green chilies to this recipe, though it is optional. 

• The mix of spicy flavors along with the sour taste of tomatoes makes this dish an excellent accompaniment to your dosa’s, or dalia, or upma's

• Usually, while making kara chutney onion and garlic are first fried and added. I have intentionally skipped it, to make this dish a no onion no garlic recipe. So, instead of onions, I have used lentils to give me that extra thickness to my gravy. 

• I have prepared this recipe using sunflower oil. But if you have gingelly oil (nallenna) at home, I would suggest that you use it for making this chutney. The taste that gingelly oil gives is really superb. 

• I have made this dish really spicy by adding both green and red chilies. If you don’t like it spicy, just use about 4-5 red chilies instead. Enjoy this dish, by having it in small quantities along with this a less spicy coconut chutney.

With that said, let me show you how to make this recipe.  

Ingredients List 

This list serves 3 people 

For Chutney Gravy

• Tomatoes – 7 (medium) 

• Red Chilies – 6 

• Green Chilies – 2 

• Chana Dal – 1 tbsp 

• Urad Dal – 2 tbsp 

• Mustard Seeds – 1tbsp 

• Chopped Coriander Leaves – 7-10 leaves

• Asafetida – ½ tbsp 

• Salt – 1tbsp 

• Turmeric Powder– ¼ tbsp 

• Oil– 3-4 tbsp 

For tempering Mix 

• Mustard Seeds -1 tbsp 

• Asafetida – ½ tbsp 

• Red Chilli - 1

Tomato Chutney Recipe Preparation Steps

Part I – Make the Chutney Paste

 1. Chop 7 medium sized tomatoes and keep them aside. Keep aside the green chili and red chilly mix. 


 2. Heat oil in a pan. As the oil starts getting heated, add in 2 tbsp of urad dal, and 1 tbsp of chana dal and mix well.


 3. To this add the red chili and green chilly mix. Add ½ tbsp of asafetida into the mix and fry it until the lentils and the red chilies turn brown.


 4. Once the contents are fried, transfer them into a dry mixer. 


 5. In the same pan, fry the chopped tomatoes. Add 1 tbsp of salt into the mix and ¼ tbsp of turmeric powder, and let the tomatoes cook in the closed lid. 


6. Cook the mix until the tomatoes are reduced into a thick paste. By this time, the tomatoes would have lost their raw taste and would have been fried. 


7. Transfer the tomatoes into the mixer and add it on top of the fried lentils. Add some chopped coriander leaves into the mix and grind it to fine paste. 


Part II – Tempering the Chutney Paste

8. In the same frying pan, heat some oil. As the oil becomes hot, add 1 tbsp of mustard seeds, and 1 red chili and fry it well. 


9. Add it on top of our chutney and mix it. Enjoy this dish along with dosa. 


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