Paneer Bhurji gravy| Scrambled Cottage Cheese Recipe


"Paneer Bhurji – Scrambled Cottage Cheese Gravy Recipe"

Before going into our recipe today, I want to ask you a question that kept me thinking today. So, here is that  question. 

“What is meant by the word bhurji?” 

Many a times, I have made bhurji’s a lot of times, but till this point I never really knew what it meant. The word bhurji is a hindi word, which means to scramble or to mix or throw things together haphazardly. I learnt the exact phrase from the free-dictionary site. 

“So, what things do we normally throw together?”

The most common bhurji that you would find would be egg bhurji, wherein we would beat the eggs well along with onions, green chilies and pepper, pour it over a pan and scramble it till it is well fried. Tomatoes are also added into this mix. 

“So, what’s in store for our recipe?”

In today’s recipe, instead of eggs I will be using paneer or cottage cheese. The specialty of this dish is that it is so easy to make. First you will fry some tomatoes into a thick gravy after adding the masalas, then you will add the scrambled paneer into it and mix it well. I have avoided onions for this recipe. But you can add them if you would like. 

You can always go for any bhurji recipe, when you want to make a quick lunch or dinner recipe. Be it paneer or potatoes. When I want to make something quick, I keep dal and rice in cooker, and make a potato bhurji or a simple paneer recipe like this one. 

If you can find fresh soft paneer blocks from Indian stores, they would be great for this recipe and I would recommend using them. But, if you can’t get them you can still use the readymade paneer cubes available in market. I have used the readymade paneer block for this recipe. 

So, with that said, let’s get to our preparation steps and ingredients list for making paneer bhurji. 

Ingredients List 

This list serves 2-3 people. 

For vegetables

• Paneer – 300gms 

• Tomato – 3

• Green Chilies – 4 

• Coriander Leaves – 5-10 (Optional) 

• Fenugreek Leaves – ¼ tbsp 

For tempering

• Bayleaf – 1 

• Cinnamon Sticks – 1 

• Cloves – 1

• Cumin Seeds – 1 tbsp

For Masalas

• Mango Powder – ¼ tbsp (Optional) 

• Turmeric powder – 1 tbsp 

• Garam Masala – 1 tbsp 

• Coriander Powder – 1tbsp 

• Red Chilly powder – ½ tbsp 

• Salt – 1tbsp 

Paneer Bhurji – Preparation Steps 

1. Dice 3 tomatoes and 4 green chilies and keep them aside. Also keep 1 bayleaf, 1 cinnamon stick and 1 clove for tempering. 


2. Heat oil in a pan. As the oil starts getting hot add 1 tbsp cumin seeds. As it sizzles, add in 1 cinnamon stick, 1 clove and 1 bayleaf and fry it very well. Keep a medium flame as you do. 


3. Once the cumin seeds start turning golden brown, add in the chopped tomatoes into the mix. Add 1 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp turmeric powder, 1 tbsp garam masala, 1 tbsp coriander powder, ½ tbsp red chilly powder and stir it well. Close the lid of the pan and let the tomatoes cook for 5-10 min. 


4. Once the gravy starts thickening, you can see the oil leaving the sides. That indicates that the tomatoes are well cooked. Add ¼ cup of water depending on the consistency. 


5. In the meantime, take out the paneer block and crumble it down using your fingers. Now, add it into the gravy and mix it well. 



At this point, I added ¼ cup of garam masala because I wanted my bhurji to be a bit spicy. 

6. Once the gravy is thick, you can garnish it with coriander leaves. Enjoy your this paneer bhurji with rice and dal. 



You can also add ¼ tbsp fenugreek leaves and ¼ tbsp of mango powder into the mix. This is to give a slightly sour taste to our recipe. 

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