North Indian Recipes| Recipes from North Part of India

This page has  a collection of home made North Indian Recipes. The recipes have been described with step by step images and instructions. 

Matar Kachori Recipe – Fried Patty of potatoes and peas 

Description: Matar Kachori  is a recipe made of fried wheat/flour patty filled with potatoes and peas. Enjoy this dish with some coriander chutney.

Aloo Bhindi|Punjabi Style Fried Potatoes and Okra

Description: Aloo Bhindi is a Punjabi style gravy recipe made from Potatoes and Okra fried in ghee and mixed in a gravy of tomatoes, onions and cumin seeds.

Kanda Batata Poha Recipe| Easy Rice Flakes Recipe

Description: Batata poha is a maharashtrian dish made from flattened rice flakes mixed with fried onions and potatoes. 

 Punjabi Chole Masala - Easy North Indian Recipe

Description: Punjabi Chole is a North Indian Punjabi style recipe made by blending chickpeas and freshly ground masala's. A slice of lemon is added to accompany the spicy flavor of this dish. 

Simple Dal Fry - North Indian Style Dal for dinner


Description: Dal fry is a simple boiled tur dal recipe, in which chilies and jeera are roasted in ghee and poured over the dal. The recipe is finally garnished with fresh coriander leaves. It goes well with white rice and therefore can be made for lunch or dinner. 

Matki Usal|Maharasthrian Moong dal Gravy

Description: Matki Usal is a Maharasthrian moong dal recipe, made by adding goda masala(from fried coconuts and Indian Spices) to the cooked moong dal gravy and finally garnished with fresh coriander leaves and lemon juice.

Broken Wheat Upma|Dalia - A Whole Wheat Breakfast Recipe

Description:A porridge recipe made from broken wheat granules mixed with cashews and groundnuts and indian spices.

Aloo Chole Recipe- Chickpeas in Coconut Gravy

Description:This chole recipe is a mix of potatoes, and chickpeas mixed in a gravy of fried coconuts.This recipe doesnt use any onion or garlic in its ingredients

Kadai Paneer Recipe - A spicy Gravy of Paneer in frying pan

Description: Kadai paneer recipe is a gravy of cottage cheese,capsicum mixed with fresh masala's in a frying pan. This recipe has no onions in it.

Aloo Chana | Chickpea and Potato Gravy without Onion

Description: Aloo Chana Recipe is a punjabi style recipe made with chickpeas and potatoes.This recipe doesn’t use any onions or garlic.

Soya Chunks and Capsicum Masala |Easy Gravy Recipe

Description: Soya chunks recipe with capsicum is an easy gravy recipe that can be made in 20 min. This recipe doesn’t use onions.

Aloo Matar Recipe| Potatoes,Peas and Cashew Gravy

Description: Aloo matar recipe is a Punjabi style gravy of boiled potatoes and peas. In this recipe, we will bring a twist of sweet taste by adding cashew powder

Dum Aloo Recipe| Fried Small Potatoes Masala

Description:Dum aloo recipe is a recipe of fried small potatoes in a thick gravy made of tomatoes and fresh masala’s. This recipe doesn’t use onion or garlic in it.

Simple Dal Fry| Recipe of mixed Dal and Potatoes

Description: Dal Fry is an easy recipe of mixed dal, potatoes and tomatoes that can be made in 20 min. This recipe preparation has no onion or garlic in it.

Paneer Jalfrezi Recipe| Gravy of bell peppers and paneer 

Description: Paneer jalfrezi recipe is a spicy gravy of paneer, tomatoes and bell peppers. This recipe is mild spicy, has no onions in it and can be made in 45 min.

Baingan Bharta| Punjabi Style Smoked Brinjals

Description: Baingan bharta is a Punjabi style dish made from smoked brinjals in a tomato gravy.This preparation is doesn’t use any onions or garlic in it.

Indian Style Pasta| Wheat Pasta in Masala Sauce

Description: Indian Style Pasta is a recipe of pasta with a slight twist of indian masala’s. This recipe is easy to make and it doesn’t use any onions or garlic.

Aloo Gobi Recipe In Capsicum And Tomato Gravy

Description: Aloo gobi recipe is a mix of potatoes cauliflower and capsicum in a spicy gravy of tomatoes. This recipe doesn’t use onions and is easy to make.

Paneer Bhurji gravy| Scrambled Cottage Cheese Recipe

Description: Paneer bhurji gravy is a recipe of scrambled cottage cheese, fried tomatoes and chilies along with masalas. Enjoy this dish with rice and dal.

Tomato Omelette| A mix of Chickpeas, Tomatoes and Cheese

Description: Tomato Omelette is an eggless version of omelet made using chickpea batter, and simple masalas. It is an easy breakfast recipe that can be made in 20 min.

Paneer Butter Masala | Cottage Cheese Cubes Recipe

Description: Paneer Butter Masala is a mix of cottage cheese cubes mixed in a gravy made of tomatoes and cashews. This recipe takes about 30-40 min prep time.

Aloo Methi Recipe | Recipe of Fried Methi and Potatoes

Description: Aloo Methi Recipe is a dish of fried methi or fenugreek leaves and potatoes.The Potatoes and Methi are fried in butter and spiced with garam masala.

Aloo Paratha Recipe| Potato Stuffed Roti Recipe 

Description:Aloo Paratha Recipe is a recipe of wheat roti that is stuffed with potatoes and masalas. This is a no onion and garlic recipe that is very tasty.

Toor Dal Fry Recipe

Description: A tasty and easy recipe of toor dal/sambar dal garnished with green chilies and coriander leaves.

Macaroni Pasta Masala 

Description: Macaroni Pasta Masala is an Indian Style pasta recipe that you can make using garam masalas,vegetables and touch it up with a twist of  lemon

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