Masala Dosa Recipe| How to Make Mysore Masala Dosa


Mysore masala Dosa recipe is a spicy masala dosa variety. Normally, in masala dosa, we make spread the dosa batter on a hot pan, and spread the potato bhaji on it and fold the dosa. 

Mysore masala is little different. Here, along with the bhaji, we would add chopped tomatoes, grated beetroots, butter and finally sprinkle a few tbsp. of garam masala.

There was this local joint near my place, which was quite famous for its delicious mysore masala dosa’s.  Whenever I went there, I observed how the chefs make the dosa, what vegetables and masalas they add and so forth. With a bit of experimentation and a bit of googling, I have come up with a street food style preparation of mysore masala dosa. 

So, ready to make some dosa’s ?? Lets get started….

Mysore Masala Dosa Recipe Preparation Steps

1. Mix the dosa batter well and with even consistency. Add 1tbsp of salt if required.


2. Prepare potato bhaji and keep it aside. I have already covered how to make this bhaji here.


3. Grate 1 beetroot, and chop 2 tomatoes. Keep it aside.


4. Heat a nonstick tava or dosa pan. As the pan gets hot, add in 2-3 tbsp of oil and spead the oil well over the pan.


To check if the pan is heated, add 2-3 drops of water on it. If the water evaporates with a hissing noise, your pan is ready.

5. Using a spatula, pour 1 scoop of dosa batter over the pan and spread it very well. Keep a medium flame.


6. Add the potato bhaji on the dosa using a spoon. Spread the tomatoes and beetroot evenly on top of the mix. To this add 1/4 tbsp of butter. You can also add ghee instead of butter. 


7. Add ¼ tbsp. of fresh garam masala/ ready made garam masala into the mix. Using a bottom of spatula spread the mix evenly. 



Adding garam masala, brought the street food taste to this dish. If you have pav bhaji masala, the better it is for this dish.

8. Fold one side of the dosa and let the sides get roasted. Serve the dish with sambar or coconut chutney.



The dish tastes best with fresh coconut chutney. I highly recommend it for this dish.

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