Kerala Recipe | Traditional Recipes from Kerala

This page is a step by step guide to make your Kerala recipe.Here you will find the recipes made in their traditional style along with pictures. 

Kerala Recipe- Dry Side dishes

Keerai Thoran - An easy dry side dish from kerala

Description: Keerai Thoran, is an easy dry dish made by frying coconuts and spinach along with dry red chilies.  To prepare this recipe you would require, ready made grated coconuts or a coconut grater to grate coconuts.

Beetroot Thoran - Kerala Style Beetroot recipe

Description: Beetroot thoran is a south Indian preparation made from beetroots, coconuts and red chilies. This is a tasty and juicy recipe that you can make easily. 

Avial Recipe- Authentic Mixed-Veg Kerala Dish

Description: Avial Recipe is a kerala style preparation made by adding many vegetables along with coconut gratings and coconut oil. Here I will show how to make avial.

Beans Thoran - Kerala Style Beans fry

Description:Beans thoran is a kerala style recipe prepared using coconuts. It is a dry recipe, that goes well with rice and sambar. It is an easy to make, and takes around 20 minutes to prepare. 

Vazhakkai  podimas| Kerala Style Plantain Dish 

Description: Vazhakkai podimas is a kerala style lunch side dish made from raw banana. It is an easy to make lunch side dish that takes only 15 minutes to cook. 

Carrot Thoran| Grated Carrots and Coconut Recipe

Description: Carrot thoran is an easy lunch side dish made using grated carrots, coconuts and red chilies. It is a slightly sweet dish that goes with rice and rasam. 

Kerala Recipe-Gravy Side Dishes

Yam Recipe- Making Kerala Style Yam Curry

Description: Yam curry/chena koottu is a south Indian style yam recipe prepared in kerala, using yam, ginger, greenchillies, coconut, lemon and toor daal.

Naadan Kadala Curry-Kerala Country Style Recipe

Description: Naadan Kadala Curry is a recipe prepared with black chickpea, coconuts and authentic kerala spices. This is a dish, that goes well with rice items.

Kerala Cuisine- Curry Gravys

Theeyal - Kerala StyleFried Coconut and Onion Gravy

Description:Ulli theeyal is a kerala style fried coconut and onion gravy that tastes very well with rice or roti. The recipe takes about 30-40 min to prepare and therefore is an apt recipe to prepare during weekends

Moru Curry- Coconut and Buttermilk Gravy

Description: Moru curry is a kerala style recipe made by grounding coconut gratings with red chilies and green chilies and adding the mixture into buttermilk.The recipe I am going to teach you will be a plain curry gravy with no onions.

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