Kadala Sundal – Chickpeas Tamilnadu Style

Kadala Sundal is a TamilNadu style recipe, prepared using channa (White Chick Peas/Black Chick Peas) and coconuts.

It is a dry side dish usually prepared during along with your breakfast or eaten during the evenings as a snack.

Kadala means ChickPeas. Sundal refers to dry frying legumes like (Chick Peas, Green Peas, Kidney Beans etc) along with coconut, dry red chilies in oil. 

Without much elaboration, I am going to explain how to prepare this recipe.

Sundal-Preparation method

1. For this recipe, I have used ½ cup black chickpeas. The chick peas need to be kept overnight in water for approximately (8-12 hrs). 

Chickpeas Soaked

Normally, mom would keep it at night 9pm and by morning 5am when she wakes up, it would be ready. The cup used is also shown below.   

Measuring Cup

2.Black Chick peas have absorbed the water very well and have swollen up. Add 3 cups of water in the pressure cooker and cook it well.   

3.Cook the chick peas for 10-15 minutes. For this recipe, I had cooked the chickpeas for 15 minutes. That took, 10-12 whistles in the pressure cooker. 

Chickpeas After Boil

4.While the chickpeas are getting cooked, you can grate the coconuts. You we will be using 3-4 tbsp. of grated coconut will be sufficient. For this recipe, I had used 4tbsp. of grated coconut.

Grated Coconuts

5.In a frying pan, heat some oil. In it add, mustard seeds and urad-daal and red chilies.I have used coconut oil. You can use any cooking oil for this.

Tempering Roasted

6. As the mix is getting golden brown, add some hinge (asafotida). To This add the chick peas.

Chick Peas Fried


You can add the chickpeas along with water like I did. It is an optional step. You can also filter the chickpeas and add it directly to the pan.If you don’t have much time, you can follow the latter step. 

 7. Once the mix has become dry, add coconut grating to it. And stir it well. 

Sprinkle coconuts

8. When the mix has become completely dry, transfer the contents into a bowl.

Kadala Sundal

 Kadala Sundal – Key features

·Easy to Cook: As you can see, the whole process takes only around 20 minutes to cook. So, it is a really easy recipe to have.

·Quick Snack: It is also a quick snack you can prepare to have along with evening tea or coffee especially when you have surprise guests at your home.

·Festival Food: Since, the dish is without garlic or onion, you can prepare them for festivals, or as a special food to your deity. Normally, during special events or during prayer gatherings,sundal is the main snack given in temples. 

·Protein Rich: Legumes as you know are really nutritious. They have very rich in proteins, and essential amino acids. Coconut is good in fiber content. So, this is a healthy dish you can have any time.


·Channa/Chickpeas (Black or White) are not easily digestible. So they are really good filler foods for you. Hence, you wont feel hungry that quick.

·There is though a flip side for this. Since, they are not easily digestible make sure you don’t take them at night. As digestion would be slow, and as chickpeas are rich in nitrogen content , you will end up giving gas the whole night. 

·And also remember, to chew the food very well while eating. Just remember to do these 2 things well.

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