Indian Style Pasta| Wheat Pasta in Masala Sauce


"Indian Style Pasta - A recipe of pasta with a slight twist of Indian masala’s"

I will start of today, with a small piece of tip that you can use. Whenever you get bored eating the same food, always try something different. Like this pasta recipe I have for you today. 

Generally, when you make pasta, you would need Italian seasoning, pepper powder, make a puree of tomatoes and so on. But, who said, that is the only way to make it? 

You can make a tasty recipe of pasta’s by mixing some of our readily available Indian masala's. I must credit this recipe to one of my friend who was ballsy enough to experiment with it,after we were back home after a late night movie. It was such a tastiest pasta dish, I ever had. 

I have made this recipe with the ingredients we use for upma. You can use mix any vegetables like beans, green peas, onions, cauliflower and so on. But to keep things simple, I have just used potatoes, tomatoes, corn and carrot. 

With that said, let us get started with our preparation steps and ingredients.

Ingredients List 

This list serves about 2-3 people. 

Vegetable Ingredients 

• Wheat Pasta – 300gm

• Carrot – 1 

• Corn – ¼ cup ( 100ml) 

• Potatoes – 1 (Medium) 

• Tomatoes – 3 

• Green Chilly – 2 

• Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp 

Masala Ingredients 

• Turmeric Powder – ½ tsp. 

• Garam Masala –1 tsp. 

• Asafetida – ¼ tsp. 

• Salt – 1tsp 

• Oil – 3 tsp 

Indian Style Pasta - Preparation Steps 

1. Take about 300gms of pasta in a bowl. To it add the diced carrots and corn. Add about ¼ cup of water, ½ tbsp. salt, ½ tbsp. of ghee into it and boil the mix in low flame.



Dice the carrots really small, so that it can cook easily. The pastas and the mix gets cooked in 15 minutes. After which keep them aside. 

2. In the meantime, heat 2-3 tbsp of oil in a pan. As the oil gets heated add in the cumin seeds .


3. Dice potatoes and green chilies and add them into the oil. 


4.Add ½ tbsp. turmeric powder, 1tbsp of garam masala powder and 1 tbsp of salt into the mix and stir it well. Keep a low flame and let the ingredients cook in the closed pan. 


5.Once the mix has cooked, add in the chopped tomatoes into the mix. Cook until the tomatoes become paste and the oil has left the sides.


6.Add the boiled pastas and vegetables into the mix and stir well. Keep a low flame as you do. 


7.Chop some coriander leaves and garnish over the mix. Also add grated cheese on top of the mix. Switch off the flame.



After adding grated cheese, I also squeezed in a 3-4 tbsp of lemon juice into the mix and it tasted really good. It is something I would recommend you to try as well. 

8.Jab into the dish with a fork. Your indian style pasta is ready to be served.

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