Easy Indian Lunch Recipes in 20 minutes

Are you looking for easy Indian lunch recipes that can be made within 20 minutes? This section will be helpful for beginners as most of the ingredients are easily available and you don’t need any specific cooking tools to make it. Try these easy to make and tasty lunch recipes in your kitchen.

Indian Lunch Recipe - Dry Side dishes

Keerai Thoran - An easy dry side dish from kerala

Description: Keerai Thoran, is an easy dry dish made by frying coconuts and spinach along with dry red chilies.  To prepare this recipe you would require, ready made grated coconuts or home made grated coconuts. 

Beetroot Thoran- Kerala style beetroot fry

Description: Beetroot thoran is a south Indian preparation made from beetroots, coconuts and red chilies. It is a very juicy and tasty recipe that goes well with sambar and rice. 

Okra Fry| Easy Ladies Finger Fry 

Description:Okra fry is a dry dish made by frying ladies finger with sambar masala. This is a tasty dry dish you can have with rice. 

Beans Thoran|Kerala Style Beans Fry

Description:Beans thoran is a kerala style fried beans with coconuts. It is a dry recipe, that goes well with rice and sambar.

Vazhakkai  podimas| Kerala Style Plantain Dish 

Description: Vazhakkai podimas is a kerala style lunch side dish made from raw banana. It is an easy to make lunch side dish that takes only 15 minutes to cook. 

Fried Sweet Potatoes| Tamil style fried potato dish

Description:Fried Sweet potatoes, is a tamilnadu style dish made by, frying sweetpotato with sambar powder. It is an easy recipe, that can be made in 15 minutes.

Carrot Thoran| Grated Carrots and Coconut Recipe

Description: Carrot thoran is an easy lunch side dish made using grated carrots, coconuts and red chilies. It is a slightly sweet dish that goes with rice and rasam. 

Ennai Kathirikkai| Fried Brinjal Dish

Description: Tangy and Spicy fried brinjal dish made by tossing brinjal in tamarind juice, and frying it with spices and salt. Goes best with white rice

Indian Lunch Recipe -Gravy Side Dishes

Keerai masiyal - South Indian Spinach gravy

Description:Keerai mashiyal is a South Indian Tamilnadu style recipe. It is a spinach recipe where you would mash the spinach very well and temper it with a tadka. 

Yam Recipe- Making Kerala Style Yam Curry

Description: Yam curry/chena koottu is a south Indian style yam recipe prepared in kerala, using yam, ginger, greenchillies, coconut, lemon and toor daal.

Green Chilli Pickle| TamilNadu Style Pickle 

Description: Green chilli pickle is a tamilnadu style pickle made by sautéing green chillies in coconut oil and tamarind juice garnished with curry leaves.  

Indian Lunch Recipe- Curry Gravys

Capsicum Sambar - South Indian sambar using Capsicum

Description: Capsicum Sambar is a south Indian sambar recipe made using capsicum. It is easy to make, has unique taste and goes well with evening snacks.

Thenga Aracha Kuzhambu Recipe -Spicy Fried Coconut gravy 

Description: Thenga arachathu is a kuzhambu recipe made in tamil-brahmin homes using coconuts, redchilies and fenugreek. It is a tasty dish that goes well with rice.

Moru Curry|Puliserry |Kerala style Coconut Gravy

Description: Moru curry is a kerala style coconut gravy recipe that is from coconuts, chilies and butter milk. It is an easy recipe that takes only 15 min to make.

Easy Tomato Rasam Recipe - A tamilnadu style clear soup

DescriptionTomato Rasam is a clear soup recipe made by grounding ingredients like pepper, cumin, asafetida which are added to a boiling water of tamarind.It is a wonderful recipe to have during a cold weather.

Dal fry - Simple North Indian Recipe

Description: Dal fry is a simple boiled tur dal recipe, in which chilies and jeera are roasted in ghee and poured over the dal. It is a recipe you can have for lunch or for dinner.

Vatha Kuzhambu Recipe| Spicy Sour Gravy for rice

Description: Vatha kuzhambu is a tamilnadu style gravy recipe made with tamarind, sambar powder and turkey berry. It is a simple 15 min recipe, you can have with rice.

Simple Dal Fry| Recipe of mixed Dal and Potatoes

Description: Dal Fry is an easy recipe of mixed dal, potatoes and tomatoes that can be made in 20 min. This recipe preparation has no onion or garlic in it.

Indian Lunch Recipe-Appetizer Salads

Simple Cucumber Salad with Tomato and Carrots

Description: Cucumber salad recipe is the easiest recipe and the first ever recipe you will make while making you salad. 

Green Mango Salad Recipe

Description: Green Mango salad recipe is an easy salad to have before lunch. The unique tangy taste of raw mango pieces along with your vegetables really makes a good combination.

Corn Salad with Pomegranate seeds

Description: Corn salad with Pomegranate seeds is a type of fruit and vegetable salad. You can pep this dish by adding a bit of lime to make it a juicy salad recipe.

Corn salad with Chat masala

Description: A sweet and sour salad can be made with juicy baby corn and chaat masala. Garnished with coriander leaves, you will love its taste.

Crunchy Capsicum Salad  with mixed vegetables

Description:Capsicum salad with corn is a very colorful recipe with a crunchy taste of the green capsicum. This is a great salad to have for lunch or along with your breakfast.

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