How I created this website

During 2012, I came across a website called A personality development blog that gave a wealth of information regarding self improvement for free. I read the blog once a while, and really wished if I could live like how Steve lives, which was to live via passive income from his blogs and many other sources.  

I knew, I liked writing and felt I was good at it (though an amateur in it).But my problem was I didn’t believe that I had a value to contribute. So, I felt either my values are too less or they were not ready to be shared.  

During 2013 I noticed that Steve mentioned something called Site Built It which was a program you would have to join, pay a fee and use their tools to create your own website and make money from it. He also recommended that, it was a good tool for beginners. 

They had a money back policy for 3 months and had extensive video tutorials, step by step guide and forums to help, if I were stuck at some point. I didn’t join at that time as I was too timid to join. 

Again, with me not in a career that I really liked and feeling stuck and sad, I dreamt of getting an additional income apart from my day job. 

During the start of 2014, I had made up my mind to try making a website and earning income. I felt that I would succeed if I had a personal coach to help me create a website. I met one person who said he would teach me build a website focusing on writing reviews for Amazon products. 

So, my task was to find out what people are searching for the most and use google’s adwords program to find that out. Basically, I had to type in a random search query and see how much demand it had and also check if that keyword was easy to win. 

After being 2 months into the program, I realized that this approach even though was right, wasn’t going to help me reach anywhere to creating a website with content. 

At that time, I thought about Site built it. I checked its introduction video. I understood that, with its step by step guide (something that I wanted), and forums ( group of likeminded people who also want to make money from website ) I felt, I should take it and start towards creating content. 

On December 14 2014, I joined SBI program and give it a try. 

I didnt have any idea about what or how I would make a site about. After a few brainstorming activities, I felt that since I had cooking recipes to contribute and since I like cooking I must start a website on cooking. 

Since I was bought up with a vegetarian diet, I had lot of recipes to offer and hence I created