Dum Aloo Recipe| Fried Small Potatoes Masala


Dum Aloo recipe – “A recipe of fried small potatoes and fresh masalas.” 

The next time you walk into a supermarket and visit the grocery section, check around if you can see those bags of small potatoes somewhere around. If you see them, pick them up and take it home. You are in for a treat!

If you haven’t yet tried them yet or don’t know how to cook them, don’t worry. This recipe page is tailor made for you.

Dum aloo’s/small potatoes taste a bit different from the big potatoes. When you peel off their skins, dice them and fry them brown, these potatoes become very crisp and soft. The small potatoes, gives you a taste almost similar to potato wedges. So, if you have liked drilling your teeth into those crispy wedges, you will also like this recipe. 

In today’s recipe, I am going to teach you how to make a thick masala recipe using dum aloo’s. You can have this recipe along with rice and daal or with roti. 

There are many methods to make dum aloo. Try giving a simple search on dum aloo’s and you will see that you are spoilt for options. I found many were either too tedious or too boring. However, 2 methods caught my eye. (punjabi dum aloo recipe and bengali dum aloo recipe.)

To keep things simple, I have combined both the methods for making this dish. So, first, we will partially cook the dum aloo’s in a pressure cooker, fry the aloo’s in oil and add it to a gravy of tomatoes in the end. You can also add onion and garlic into your dish.  

Making dum aloo’s is time consuming especially the part of peeling them. I would recommend that you peel them when they are raw. When you cook them, they become soft and slippery and it becomes difficult to remove the skin. 

Let us now get to the preparation steps, where I will show you how to make this dish. 

Ingredients List 

For Vegetables

• Dum Aloo – 250gms 

• Tomatoes – 3 

• Green Chilies – 4 

• Oil – 4-5 tbsp 

• Salt – 1tbsp 

For Tempering 

• Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp 

• Bay Leaf – 1 

• Cinnamon – ½ 

• Cloves – 1 

• Ginger – 1 slice (crushed)

For Masala’s

• Turmeric Powder – 1 tbsp 

• Coriander Powder – 1 tbsp 

• Red Chilly Powder – 1 tbsp 

• Shahi Biriyani Masala  - 1tbsp (Or Garam Masala) 

Dum Aloo Recipe - Preparation Steps 

1. Wash the dum aloo’s and remove any mud or dirt associated with it. 

2. Peel the skin of the aloo’s. Add 3 cups of water and ½ tbsp of salt in a cooker. Place the aloo’s in the cooker and half-cook them for just 1 cooker whistle.

3. In the mean-time, heat oil in a pan. As the oil gets heated add 1 tbsp of cumin seeds, 1 bayleaf, and ½ cinnamon. As the tempering mix sizzle, add in chopped green chilies and crushed ginger. 

4. Once the ginger starts turning brown, add in the chopped tomatoes. Add 1 tbsp turmeric powder and 1 tbsp biriyani masala/garam masala into the mix and stir it well. Close the lid of the pan and let the tomatoes cook in a low flame. 

5. Give occasional stir to the dish. Repeat the step until the tomatoes have become paste like and the oil leaves the sides. Once done, keep this paste aside. 

6. In the same pan, add 2-3 tbsp of oil. As the oil starts getting heated add ½ tbsp of cumin seeds. 

7. Take out the cooked potatoes. Chop them into 2 halves if they are too big in size. Add it into the mix. 

8. Add ½ tbsp of turmeric powder, ½ tbsp of salt, 1 tbsp of coriander powder and ½ tbsp of chilli powder into the mix and stir it well. Again occasionally stir the mix and let it fry till the potatoes have become golden in color and becomes soft. This takes about 10-15 min when done in low flame. 

9. As the potatoes have become soft and crispy, add the tomato masala paste into the mix. Stir them well such that, the entire mix is coated evenly. 

10. Switch off the flame. Garnish the dish with chopped coriander leaves. Squeeze ½ lemon on top of this dish. Your dum aloo recipe is ready. Enjoy this dish with roti. 

Note: If you have an oven 

• If you have an oven at your home, skip the steps 1 and 2. First preheat the oven for about 15 min, by keeping it to a high temperature. 

• In the meantime, place the peeled potatoes in a bowl. Add 1-2 tbsp of oil , ½ tbsp of turmeric powder, 1 tbsp of red chilly powder, 1 tbsp of coriander powder, ½ tbsp of garam masala and 1 tbsp of salt and marinate it well for about 15 min. 

• To help the dish taste better, you can poke small holes in the potatoes using a pin. This allows the potatoes to absorb the masalas well.

• Grease the oven tray with oil, Add the potatoes into it, and place them in the oven for about 10-15 min.

• Later, add these grilled potatoes into the masala gravy of tomatoes.

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