Corn Salad Recipe - Tangy Salad with Chaat Masala


A few days back, I had a corn salad recipe for lunch in my office canteen. There was only one word I could think of while I was eating it. Which was "WOW!!" 

Boiled juicy sweet corn, diced capsicum, tomatoes and green-chilies, peppered with tangy chat masala, amchur powder and lemon. I finally knew that I now have found a perfect food to eat while I am not that hungry at lunch. 

Normally what happens is, at lunch (around 1-2pm), even when I am not hungry,I take lunch citing convenience as a main reason. Sometimes, I select a full lunch meal and end up wasting the food. 

But somehow, this time, I went for this beautiful salad option. And really, what a wonderful tasty recipe it was! 

I decided that, this recipe requires to be made and shared. So, here I am preparing the same version of the recipe made in my office canteen .

Corn salad recipe-Preparation Steps 

Note: For this recipe preparation, you will need a grater, a knife, and a peeler. 

cutting equipments

1. Take 1 full cucumber, 1½ carrots, 2 tomatoes, 1 green-chilly and ½ raw mango, 1 capsicum. Remove the outer skins of cucumber and carrot.

peel cucumber
peel carrot

2. a)  Cut the cucumber into half as shown below

cut cucumber

2.b) Cut each half further into 2 halves. Cut each of those halves further as shown

dicing first half
dicing halfs further

2.c) Dice the cucumber as shown below.

dicing cucumbers
dicing cucumbers

3.a) Cut ½ the carrot into 2 halves.

carrots halves

3.b) Cut each half of the carrot into further halves. Dice the carrots nicely as shown below.

carrots slit
diced carrots

3.c) Grate the remaining carrot using a grater.  

grated carrots

4. Dice the tomatoes into 2 halves. Cut each half as shown below 

diced tomatoes

5. Chop the green chilly into small pieces and spread it evenly over this mix. If you don’t like spicy flavor of green chilly, you can also use pepper powder.

diced greenchillies

6. Dice raw mangoes and cut them into smaller pieces. 

green mangoes
diced green mangoes

7. Dice the capsicum remove the insides and cut them into smaller pieces

sliced capsicum
diced capsicum

9. Put them in a bowl together. To this add 1/2 tbsp chaat masala powder, 1/4 tbsp amchur powder, 1tbsp salt and lemon juice. Stir well after that. 


10. Soak the sweet corn in warm water for 20 minutes. The corn would now have absorbed water and swollen. 


11. Add the tomatoes and sweet corn on top of the mix and mix it well. Your tangy corn salad recipe is ready to be served. 



• The salad uses basic vegetables like cucumber, tomato and carrots which are easily available and easy to cut 

• You can improve the taste of this salad by chopping some fresh coriander leaves on top of this salad. 

• I have added raw mangoes into it to give a tangy taste to this recipe. This is an optional step. 

• If you are looking for other variations of salads you can check the simple cucumber salad and corn-pomegranate-salad, and green mango salad.  

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