Cheera Thoran-Spinach in Kerala CookingStyle

Keera Thoran

Cheera thoran is a nutritional spinach recipe, prepared in kerala style cooking. It is rich in nutrients and fibres, easy to cook and suitable for all ages.

Let me tell you a bit about this recipe.

Cheera Thoran - Speciality

·Usage of coconut:

In cheera thoran, along with spinach, we add coconut gratings, jeera and red chillies. Using coconut in every recipe is the trade mark of kerala style of cooking. Keerai/Cheera as it is known in malayalam, is also known as spinach in English.

·No Onion/Garlic:

In kerala, for this style of preparation, we fry the cheera (spinach) along with coconut gratings, jeera, redchilles along with onion and garlic. But for this recipe, onion and garlic are not used

·Rich in Nutrient:

There are many nutritional benefits in this dish. Spinach, in itself is rich in iron content. It has vitamins that are good for eye sight, has an alkaline effect on the human body and balances chemicals in the body. Research also proves, how wonderful spinach is for curing diseases like cancer.

·Rich in Fibre:

Coconut on the other hand, is rich in fibre. The fibrous properties of cocunut are good for your skin. They aid in reducing cholestrol and bones strengthening. Having this dish therefore would be very healthy for you.  

·Easy to make:

 This is also an easy to make recipe. Spinach takes hardly any time to boil, by which time you can also grate coconuts using a grater. All set, this recipe won’t take longer than 15 minutes.


A mixer to actually give a quick churn to the coconuts and red chillies and make them into fine powder.

Cheera Thoran - Preparation Steps

1. To make cheera thoran, buy 1 full bunch of palak leaves, which will be sufficient for 2 members. If you 3-4 members buy 2 bunches.

Palak Leaves

 2. Cut them into fine strands as shown below.

Chopped Palak Leaves

3. In a frying pan, heat some coconut oil. (You can use even mustard oil or sun flower oil). Splutter mustard seeds, urad daal and 1 red chillies

Tempering Roasted Golden

4.Once they are roasted fine golden brown, add the diced palak into the mix along with some salt and turmeric

Palak in Pan

5. Close the lid of the pan, and let it cook for a few minutes. You don’t need to add water into the pan as

·         You are going to make a dry dish

·         Spinach leaves are already full of water content

Palak in Closed Pan

6.In the mean time, grate ½ the coconut.

Thoran Grating

7.Check the pan, the water in the spinach leaves will wet the mix now, and the entire dish would have shrunk quite a bit.

Palak Cooked

8. Stir for sometime, in the open and let the water escape.

Stir the thoran

9. Take a red chilly stick, 3-4 cumin seeds and grated coconut and churn it in the mixer. Don’t add water or churn 2-3 times. You need the dish to be dry, so just giving a single churn will be enough.

Grated Coconuts for thoran


In case, you don’t have a mixer, just spread the grated coconut on top of the dish and stir it for a few minutes, till the coconuts lose their water content.

10. Spread the grating mix over the spinach uniformly and stir it well. Keep a low flame, and stir it till the mix becomes dry

Palak Thoran Stirred Dry

11.Turn off the flame, and transfer the dish to your bowl. Hot, nutritious spinach thoran is ready for you to eat.

Palak Thoran/Keera Thoran

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