Capsicum Salad – with Sweet Baby Corn Seeds


Capsicum salad with corn is a very colorful recipe with a crunchy taste of the green capsicum. This is a salad you can have while starting your day. With other ingredients like cucumber, tomato, carrots, this will give you a refreshing start. 

All you need to make this recipe is to have some fresh baby corn seeds in your fridge. 

Let me show you how to make this recipe. If you had followed the other salad recipes here, you will find that, this salad also uses the same base elements of cucumber, tomato and carrot.

Capsicum salad recipe Preparation Steps 

Note: For this recipe preparation, you will need a grater, a knife, and a peeler. 

cutting equipments

1. Take 1 full cucumber, 1½ carrots, 2 tomatoes, 1 green-chilly and ½ raw mango, 1 capsicum. Remove the outer skins of cucumber and carrot.

peel cucumber
peel carrot

2. a)  Cut the cucumber into half as shown below

cut cucumber

2.b) Cut each half further into 2 halves. Cut each of those halves further as shown

dicing first half
dicing halfs further

2.c) Dice the cucumber as shown below.

dicing cucumbers
dicing cucumbers

3.a) Cut ½ the carrot into 2 halves.

carrots halves

3.b) Cut each half of the carrot into further halves. Dice the carrots nicely as shown below.

carrots slit
diced carrots

3.c) Grate the remaining carrot using a grater.  

grated carrots

4. Dice the tomatoes into 2 halves. Cut each half as shown below 

diced tomatoes

5. Chop the green chilly into small pieces and spread it evenly over this mix. If you don’t like spicy flavor of green chilly, you can also use pepper powder.

diced greenchillies

6. Dice raw mangoes and cut them into smaller pieces. 

green mangoes
diced green mangoes

7. Dice the capsicum remove the insides and cut them into smaller pieces

sliced capsicum
diced capsicum

9. Cut lemon into 2 halves, squeeze ½ of lemon juice into this mix. Add some salt into the salad and mix it well


10. Spread the diced capsicum and baby corn seeds  on top of this recipe.


11. Dice some coriander leaves, and garnish on top of this recipe. Mix it well. Your salad recipe is ready. 



• The salad uses basic vegetables like cucumber, tomato and carrots which are easily available and easy to cut 

• I have added raw mangoes into it to give a tangy taste to this recipe. This is an optional step. 

• If you are looking for other variations of salads you can check the simple cucumber salad and corn-pomegranate-salad, and green mango salad.  

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