Beetroot Thoran Recipe| Kerala Style Beetroot fry


Beetroot thoran is a south Indian kerala style preparation, made from beetroots, coconuts and red chilies. This is an easy to make recipe that can be prepared in less than 20 minutes.

I really love this recipe because beetroots are very juicy and soft to chew when cooked. When mixed with coconut gratings it tastes really good. Let me brief on how to make this recipe. 


 To make this recipe, you would need beetroots (1 big sized beetroot is sufficient for 3 people), coconut grater, a mixer (optional) and a peeler.  

Beetroot thoran - Preparation Steps

1. Cut the beetroot into 2 halves as shown. I have used a medium sized beetroot. So, if  you have 3 or more people use 1 smaller sized beetroot.


2. Cut each half into further halves and dice them as shown.


3. Grate coconuts and keep it aside.


4. In a frying pan, heat oil. As the oil gets heated, add mustard seeds, urad daal and 1 red chilly.


5. As the mix is roasted golden brown add the diced beetroot into it. Pour ¾ cup of water the pan and let it cook in it. Add salt and turmeric and close the lid.


6. In the mean time, take a mixer, add 5-6tbsp of grated coconuts, 1 redchilly and 3-4 cumin seeds and give a single stir in the mixer.

Note: Mixer not really required 

If you don’t have a mixer, after the beetroots are cooked, add the grated coconuts and mix it well.


7. Open the lid and cook the mix for 3 minutes. Make sure the beetroots are cooked and excess water has evaporated.


8. Keeping a very low flame and add the grated coconut mix into the pan and stir it well.


9. Switch off the flame after stirring. The thoran is ready to be served.


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