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I am glad you visited this page to know about me. My name is Vaishak Sankaranarayanan and I am the creator of Let me share with you my story that got me into cooking.

My first cooking experience

A Few years back in 2010, I decided to go for a postgraduation study in UK. It was my first experience with the European winters. 

During the initial days, my new student life, shared hostel rooms were so exiting, and never did it occur me that I would be far from home. When it did sync in, I missed my home and my family. On a basic instinct level, I really missed my home foods. 

The first few weeks, I adjusted eating instant noodles I had got from my home. But, the cold weather, the lack of spicy foods I started cribbing for home food. 2 more guys who were in my same position joined me. Both of them knew little bit of cooking and together, we made our first food together on a wintery night of September. 

"Overcooked Rice and Undercooked salty Daal with pickles and yogurt. "

Believe me!! It was by far the best food I had ever eaten in my life. We had tears in our eyes as we ate the food we never would have eaten in our lifetimes in our homes. 

It was one those moments when I felt gratitude towards food, and to my family (mom and dad especially) who always took care of me and provided for me. To this day, I pray before eating to remember that incident. 

Cooking – An activity I wanted to share

From that day on, I had developed some respect and interest towards cooking. I realized that  

•  I loved dicing onions and tomatoes very small. 

•  I loved cooking for the fun of it. 

• I loved to try and experiment new foods especially Indian home foods in our kitchen, (most of which flopped but few gained huge appreciation) 

•  I loved the way a food on a plate was worth a smile on a face. I observed that even the grumpiest of the lot would smile when their food was bought to the table. 

•  I understood that, you miss home food when you are far from home. Especially if you are vegetarian, and you are mentally prepared to eat vegetarian food, you have very little options outside. 

In the years from 2010 -2015, I tried lots of veg recipes, knew how to dice vegetables, and organize and plan myself in the kitchen. 

In the mean time, I shared my recipes with friends with detail step by step instructions which many liked and appreciated. Many said that, it helped them cook whenever they tried and never failed a single time.

That is when I wanted to create a site for cooking where I can share recipes in step by step formats along with pictures. Thus was born this site

You can read about how I started this website by reading the how-i-started-this-site link

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