Home Made Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Learn to cook home made Indian vegetarian recipes.

It is completely ok, if you don't know cooking, you will find that I have covered each and every step as detailed as possible, just for you. Here are a few recipes. 

Easy Indian Breakfast Recipes

Description: Here you will find a list of Indian breakfast recipes, that can be prepared within 20 minutes time.Best recipes to try if you are a beginner in cooking.

Easy Indian Lunch Recipes

Description: Here you will find a list of Indian lunch recipes, that can be prepared within 20 minutes time. They are easy to make and use easily available ingredients

Easy Indian Dinner Recipes

Description: Indian dinner recipes that you can have with roti and make it in less than 20 minutes. 

“Hey! What about me. I love Indian cooking” 

I welcome you here too. You will find home cooked Indian foods in the regional recipes page. I have lots of south indian recipes that you can learn to cook. Currently, I am also working on the north indian recipes part. Once that is done, you will have lot more options. 

Vegetarian recipes from Kerala Cuisine

Description: Here, you will find authentic veg dishes from Kerala. All these dishes uses coconut oil and coconuts in 1 form or other. 

Vegetarian recipes from Tamilnadu Cuisine

Description: Learn to cook tamilnadu home recipes without onions and garlic, their sambars, rasams and side dishes. 

Vegetarian Recipes from North India

Description: Find out some of the famous recipes from the north part of India and learn how to cook them. 

"Do you only write about Indian foods? Do you write about recipes from other cuisines as well? "

At the moment, I write mostly on Indian cuisines. Whenever, I find a veg recipe that interests me, I will post it here. At the moment, here are a few recipes.

Vegetarian Recipes from other cuisines 

Description: Here, you will find veg recipes from other cuisines. This section may also contain recipes that is a mix of 2 different cuisines. 

“ I love non-veg! Can I find some dishes with chicken here?” 

No. You won’t. This site is for teaching how to cook vegetarian recipes for the Indian audience in a simple, creative and fun way. But, if you want to try out veg recipes, you are always welcome here.

Now, that I have briefed about what you would get from the site and what my site is about, I wish you have a wonderful cooking experience here. Enjoy the recipes!